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Collaborative platform for management of SD indicators

Collect your environmental, social and societal indicators

HopMedia is a web platform that industrialises the collection of environmental, social and societal indicators for organisations and increases the reliability of extra-financial reporting.

Designed to industrialise the sustainable development reporting of organisations, HopMedia uses a “Big Data” approach for collection: energy indicators, production of waste or data produced feature alongside CSR indicators or the Carbon Report. HopMedia thus provides a response to the issues for each client when it comes to management: environmental rating of consumer goods, energy performance of buildings and sites, CSR reporting, etc.

HopMedia sources environmental information from sources (from your stakeholders, your information systems, via your tools and existing sources), ease of inter-operability of centralised data and reinforcing exchanges between equipment involved.

Monitor your supplychain with HopMedia :



80000 products covered
4000000 ecological labelling

Main features

  1. Industrialises the multi-source and multi-format collection of data
  2. Accelerates and increases the reliability of reporting of environmental, social and economic indicators
  3. Simplifies the work of contributors and promotes their interaction
  4. Offers an overview of indicators collected, CSR issues and initiatives
  5. Big Data approach: multiple specific reports and benchmarks are present and inter-connected


  1. The HopMedia platform is modular and can be personalised. If numerous indicators already exist (the platform adopts the benchmarks and standards in force), our teams work with you to configure the platform so as to best meet your requirements
  2. This is an open solution that interfaces with other reporting tools and software solutions (information systems, databases, Excel files, connected objects, ERP, etc.)
  3. It is particularly easy to learn how to use and configure the tool, and the interfaces are accessible for users that are not experts. No installation is required, with the platform hosted in SaaS mode
  4. Communication is at the heart of the platform development, with users following their environmental footprint in real time, sharing information with stakeholders and establishing action plans
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